Zara – black open kimono like cardigan


Zara – black open kimono like cardigan.

This is one of the two cardigans I bought in Barcelona. Zara is much cheaper in Spain than in Denmark. And in Denmark it is already cheap. So in Spain it is cheap cheap. It is incredible that you can get a cardigan in this design and quality at such a low price. This cardigan will take many of my summer dresses into autumn. It goes extremely well with my new black H&M dress with floral print. Both cardigan and dress have asian vibes. Which I like a lot.

Beskrivelse: Strikket cardigan. 70% viskose, 30% nylon.  Ref. 674/100.

Zara cardigan 179 dkk here.

Udgivet i 04. Basic, 07. My wardrobe og tagget .

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