Vila – black scuba coat

VilaVilaVila – black scuba coat.

I look so much forward to be wearing this black Vila scuba coat. It has been on my mind ever since I bought it last weekend. And that is a good sign. Actually I was not looking for and I did not need a coat like this. I needed a lighter coat. But I fell in love with it. And I could not get it off in the dressing room. Where I was a very long time… My family got very very impatient with me. But I just had to have the coat. So I bought it. Even though my motto is ‘whenever in doubt, leave it out’. But I was not in doubt as to the coat. I was in doubt because I had planned on finding a light summer coat. But I solved this by also buying a light coat which was very cheap. 300 dkk. And this one was also only 500 dkk. So I think it was quite a bargain to have two coats for 800 dkk. That is what I would be willing to pay for one coat. I am very happy that I added this coat to my wardrobe. I think it is very unique and that it has got so much personality. The sixties cut, the chinese collar and the surprising scuba material. Actually I bought it a size bigger. I think it looks nicer that way.

Beskrivelse: VISCUB – JAKKE. Scuba jakke. Trykknaplukning. To lommer. Sænkede skuldre. Længde: 85 cm i str. M. 100% polyester. Style: 14025445 EAN.

Vila coat 500 dkk here.


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