Victoria’s Secret – Dark Angel

Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret – Dark Angel.

I have fallen in love with this perfume. I absolutely love it. It is so warm and elegant. Actually, I was not looking for a new perfume. But my daughter wanted to visit the Victoria’s Secret shop in Fields. And after one sniff I was hooked. Later I found out that this perfume is perfect for mixing with the perfumes I already have giving them warmth and depth. So by adding this perfume I have gotten many new perfumes.

Description: No ordinary Angel, this naughty alter ego is ethereal with an edge, blending almond flower, mango nectar and caramel latte in a sweet-meets-sultry bottle. Fragrance type: Warm. Notes: Almond flower, mango nectar and caramel latte. Iconic Angel wing bottle.


Udgivet i 05. Accessories, 07. My wardrobe og tagget .

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