Uniqlo x Marimekko – wool-cashmere blend jumper

Uniqlo x Marimekko - wool-cashmere blend jumperUniqlo x Marimekko – wool-cashmere blend jumper.

599 dkk here.

Collaboration with Marimekko, the Finnish design house renowned for its original bold prints and vibrant colors. Print design by Marimekko. Material Composition: 90% Wool, 10% Cashmere. # 426547.

Marimekko is a Finnish design house celebrated for its original prints and colors since 1951. Sharing their mission to bring joy to people’s everyday lives, UNIQLO has partnered with Marimekko on a new limited edition collection of LifeWear. This unique collaboration marries simplicity with creativity and features timeless silhouettes in bold and vibrant Marimekko designs.

Udgivet i 04. Basic, 07. My wardrobe og tagget , , , .

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