Uniqlo – Heattech fluffy fleece windproof neck warmer

Uniqlo - Heattech fluffy fleece windproof neck warmerUniqlo – Heattech fluffy fleece windproof neck warmer.

Uniqlo products are so thought out, like this neck warmer. I am impressed.

13 eur here.

The Heattech fleece neck warmer features a fluffy exterior and an internal windproof layer. Updated with even softer long-pile fleece. Enhanced with bio-warming, insulating Heattech fleece lining. Internal windproof layer is designed to help keep the cold out without adding bulk. Shell: 100% Polyester/ Filling: 100% Polyester/ Lining: 70% Acrylic, 30% Rayon. Front Length: 24cm. Back Length: 17cm. Width: 31cm.

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