Uniqlo – extra fine merino wool cardigan

Uniqlo cardiganUniqlo cardiganUniqlo – extra fine merino wool cardigan

This cardigan is perfect for summer. It is light and delicate. I went to L.A. for an event and spent a lot of time in a hotel. I am not used to air condition so I was freezing. And this cardigan helped keeping me warm and comfortable. It went very well with my summer dresses.

Description: This premium knit cardigan is made from 100% top quality extra fine Merino wool. Extremely thin 19.5 micron fibers allow an incredibly fine knit, creating an exceptionally soft, smooth feel and refined, glossy texture. The trendy straight cut has been redesigned for sleeker, more slender silhouettes, and a slightly shorter hem creates a stylish cropped look. The simple design and V-neck collar make it easy to mix-and-match with a variety of outfits. 100% Wool. Machine Wash, Gentle Or Delicate. Available in 13 colours.

40 eur here.

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