Uniqlo – black cardigan jacket

UniqloUniqlo – black cardigan jacket.

I am a cardigan girl. I feel at home in a warm and stretchy knitted cardigan. I have had a few blazers in my wardrobe. But I never used them. I just always preferred the soft cardigans. So now I try this one. It is a blazer. But in a stretchy and soft material. I bought it on my recent trip to London. Besides two dresses. One from GAP. One from COS. And not to forget the perfect underwear t-shirts from Uniqlo. I also bought this comfortable cardigan jacket from Uniqlo. We do not have Uniqlo in Denmark. What a shame. But luckily I can get it online.

Description: This women’s jacket is made from a cotton and rayon blend material for a smooth, light texture, and it wears just like a cardigan. The stretchy fabric is easy to move in, and the neat look lets you pair it with everything from classic to casual outfits. Material: 51% Rayon, 45% Cotton, 4% Spandex.

Uniqlo cardigan jacket 41 eur here.

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