Uniqlo AIRism underwear t-shirts

Uniqlo UniqloUniqlo AIRism underwear t-shirts.

Last week I went to London. And I shopped a little. Two dresses, a cardigan jacket and these very very comfortable microfibre underwear t-shirts. Uniqlo is not available in Denmark. And I have always been looking for some smooth t-shirts to wear under dresses to keep warm. But they should be as invisible and comfortable as possible. And these are! They are absolutely perfectly. So I went mad and stocked up on them…

Description: This simple solid color airy T-shirt is made from ultra-fine fibers and is so cool, comfortable, and so light you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. The AIRism T-shirt lets you feel refreshed and comfortable year-round, even in hot weather. Packed with features to keep you dry and fight odor, it is designed with a deep U-neck and shorter sleeves to stay hidden under an outer layer. Material: 59% nylon, 32% cupro, 9% spandex.

Uniqloe AIRism short sleeve 14 eur here.
Uniqlo AIRism 3/4 sleeve 14 eur here.



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