Triumph triumph – Arty Sensation

TriumphTriumphTriumphTriumphTriumph triumph – Arty Sensation.

These photos are from Triumph’s Arty Sensation campaign. Triumph has asked real women to model. And the talented Danish photographer Marc Hom has photographed. Have a look at all the beautiful photos here.

The Danish photographer Marc Hom is one of the world’s most famous fashion photographers. Marc was born and raised in Denmark. But at the age of 21 years he moved to New York, where he still lives. Marc Hom has been working as a professional photographer the last 25 years. 

By the way, my all time favourite basic underwear is the ‘Just Soft‘ series from Triumph. Invisible, comfortable and smooth. Just Soft is just perfect.

Udgivet i 04. Basic, 07. My wardrobe og tagget .

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