Vila – white shirt dress with print


Vila – white shirt dress with print.

This shirt is so long that I can use as a dress.

Beskrivelse: – Lang skjorte med mønster. Skjult knapliste foran. Klassisk flipkrave. Sænkede skuldre. Løs pasform. Længde: 90 cm i str. M. 100% viskose. Varenummer: 14029928 EAN.

Vila shirt 350 dkk here.

Vila – black summer parka jacket

Vila VilaVila – black summer parka jacket.

Here is a perfect summer parka jacket. It is very light and very comfortable to wear. And it is so cheap. It is unbelievable.

Beskrivelse: Tynd jakke. Hætte. To lommer med trykknapper. Bindebånd i taljen. Længde: 83 cm foran og 90 cm bagpå i str. M. Ærmelængde: 63 cm i str. M. 100% Polyester. Style: 14025652 EAN.

Vila jacket 300 dkk here.


Vila – black scuba coat

VilaVilaVila – black scuba coat.

I look so much forward to be wearing this black Vila scuba coat. It has been on my mind ever since I bought it last weekend. And that is a good sign. Actually I was not looking for and I did not need a coat like this. I needed a lighter coat. But I fell in love with it. And I could not get it off in the dressing room. Where I was a very long time… My family got very very impatient with me. But I just had to have the coat. So I bought it. Even though my motto is ‘whenever in doubt, leave it out’. But I was not in doubt as to the coat. I was in doubt because I had planned on finding a light summer coat. But I solved this by also buying a light coat which was very cheap. 300 dkk. And this one was also only 500 dkk. So I think it was quite a bargain to have two coats for 800 dkk. That is what I would be willing to pay for one coat. I am very happy that I added this coat to my wardrobe. I think it is very unique and that it has got so much personality. The sixties cut, the chinese collar and the surprising scuba material. Actually I bought it a size bigger. I think it looks nicer that way.

Beskrivelse: VISCUB – JAKKE. Scuba jakke. Trykknaplukning. To lommer. Sænkede skuldre. Længde: 85 cm i str. M. 100% polyester. Style: 14025445 EAN.

Vila coat 500 dkk here.


Vila – dotted shirt dress

VilaVilaVila – dotted shirt dress.

These dots are so charming. I cannot decide whether I prefer black on white or white on black.

Beskrivelse: Viciatle. Lang skjorte. Mønstret materiale. Trykknaplukning. Knap i ærmerne. Længde: 95 cm i str. M. Ærmelængde: 63 cm i str. M. 100% bomuld. Style: 14027929 EAN.

Vila shirt dress 350 dkk here.

Object summer dress with marble print

Vila ObjectVila ObjectObject summer dress with marble print.

I bought three dresses during my one week summer holiday in Sweden with my family. Actually, I did not go to Sweden to buy dresses. But I came across these three personalities that I just had to bring back to Denmark. This Vila Object summer dress with marble print is one of them. Vila Object is actually a Danish label. But there were Vila shops in almost all the towns we visited. This dress is new so I had to pay full price. It is always the same. I fall for the new arrivals instead of all the bargains on sale. This dress was available in two colours. This one called Peach Whip and a bluish grey. In the first Vila shop they did not have any Peach Whips left in my size. And the bluish grey was just not right for me. I could not forget the Peach Whip. Which is a good sign. It was special to me. So I tried to find it online. But it was not in the official Vila Object online shop. Maybe it will come later. So I was so happy when we came to another town – Jönköping – where I could get the Peach Whip in my size 🙂 . The dress is wonderful to wear when it is hot. It is like wearing a bathing suit with a skirt. The cut is so flattering and feminine. Like Marilyn Monroe. And the sexy back allows you to get sun on your back. Back in Denmark I found the dress online with There is a link below.

Description: Patterned dress from VILA. V-neckline with wrap front. Fitted waist with pleated and flared skirt. Closes with hidden zip to the reverse. Fully lined. Made of 100% viscose. Colour: Peach Whip.

Vila Object Wilde X short dress, Peach Whip, 450 dkk / 60 eur here.

Vila dress – white roses on black

Vila dressVila dressVila dress – white roses on black

This dress was added to my wardrobe Friday. And I wore it at a birthday party Sunday. You know a purchase is right, if you want to wear it right away. It is still rather cold here i Denmark, so I added black tights and a black cardigan. I love the contrast between the very feminine Manet like flower print and the black leather trimming (it is not real leather, but a soft fabric that looks like leather). I imagine this dress will be a favourite to wear on a hot summer day.

280 dkk here. 92% viskose, 8% elastan.