Maya – offwhite scarf with black animal print


Maya – offwhite scarf with black animal print.

My ‘dresscode’ is: 1) a statement dress, 2) cool black accessories, 3) basic low-key jewellery and 4) black and white scarves. The dress plays the leading role. Accessories like shoes, tights and bags play supporting roles. And then I have discovered that black and white scarves go very well with the above. The black in the scarf repeats all the other black in the outfit. And the white in the scarf lightens up my face. White always lightens up. But the white colour also repeats and enhances the white in our eyes.

For spring, autumn and winter I always have big warm black and white scarves. I use them as a scarf with my coat. And – and that is the trick – then I always have a warming shawl with me. I simply fold out the scarf and use it as a shawl if I am cold. Then I do not need to always carry a cardigan with me. And some of my dresses are not suited for cardigans. Either because of their cut or because of their heavy material.

This spring I have invested in this Maya scarf with a lot of white. My black and white scarves usually have more black than white. So this one is different and perfect for milder weather and sunshine.

Maya scarf 380 dkk (was 500 dkk) here.