Marimekko dress with horse print

Marimekko MarimekkoMarimekko dress with horse print.

I love this Marimekko babydoll dress with the girly horse print. It makes me smile.

Description: Pasuri dress. Round neckline. Hidden rear zip closure. Chest darts. Three quarter sleeves. Side slit pockets. Roomy A-line cut to the mid-thigh hemline. The heavyweight sateen fabric is 97% cotton, 3% elastane. Lining is 50% polyester, 50% viscose. Pattern: Musta Tamma. Designer: Maija Isola. Product code: 041580.

Marimekko dress 1795 dkk here.

Marimekko – striped t-dress with pockets

MarimekkoMarimekko – striped t-dress with pockets.

A happy dress. It makes me smile 🙂 . The colours and the stripes. And it looks so comfortable.

You could sleep in this Marimekko dress without any problems. And wear it the next day as well. Nobody would notice that you are actually still in your ‘pyjamas’.

100% cotton. The dress is also available in a plum and bright blue version.

Marimekko dress 865 dkk here.

Marimekko dress with Kivet print

MarimekkoMarimekko dressMarimekko dress with Kivet print

Another big print from Finnish Marimekko. This dress really has personality because of the bold print. Marimekko is not afraid of big prints. On the contrary. Actually, I think they are afraid of small prints 😉 . I love the cut. It is so elegant and feminine.

1395 dkk here.

Off white/black sleeveless Kallio dress. Slightly fitted cut. Round neckline with a metal button keyhole opening in the back. Below-knee hemline. Wear it with heels and bold jewelry to a party. Or pearls and cardigan to the office. Jersey fabric. 95% cotton, 5% elastane. Pattern: Kivet. Designer: Maija Isola.

Marimekko dress with fruit print

Marimekko dressMarimekko dressMarimekko dress with fruit print

This dress makes me smile 🙂 . It must be the print. Marimekko is the master of print. And they are not afraid of making it big. On the contrary. It is sort of their trademark – big prints. And I am a fan. Another thing I like about this dress is the cut. The flared skirt makes it possible to move around easily.

2455 dkk was here – is now sold out. It happens to me all the time. That what I like is sold out. Well, then I cannot be the only one who likes this dress…

Summer Fruit. The Limeloi dress has a round neckline with a rear zip closure, vertical darts at the waistline seam that creates a fitted cut, and a full feminine skirt that falls to an above-knee hemline. The woven fabric is 100% flax. Pattern: Appelsiini. Designer: Maija Isola. Materials: 100% flax.



Marimekko dress – beige with print

Marimekko dressMarimekko dressMarimekko dress – beige with print

Sweet summer dress from Finnish label Marimekko. I would pair it with cool black sandals.

2295 dkk here.

The Hilloke dress has a round neckline with a hidden rear zip closure, drop shoulders, wide short sleeves, and chest darts. Hilloke’s cut is straight to the above-knee hemline; two interior side elasticized bands at the waistline reveal a hint of lovely hip curvature. The woven fabric is made of 97% cotton, 3% elastane. Pattern: Runsas. Designer: Halonen & Korolainen. Materials: 97%cotton, 3%elastane.



Marimekko dress – shirt dress with Sato print

Marimekko dressMarimekko dressMarimekko dress – shirt dress with Sato print

Yet another dress from Marimekko that I would like to be mine. I love the black and white graphic print and the comfortable cut.

2295 dkk here.

Crosshatch Sophistication. Although striking as a dress, the Solita can also be worn open as an extra layer. It has a flat collar, chest darts, and an 11-button front closure, hidden behind a fabric flap except the top two buttons. Solita features three-quarter sleeves and a roomy cut that flares to the above-knee hemline. Keep essentials in the side slit pockets. The woven fabric is 100% linen. Pattern: Sato. Designer: Mika Piirainen. Materials: 100% flax.

Marimekko Unikko 50 years

Marimekko UnikkoMarimekko UnikkoMarimekko Unikko 50 years

This year Marimekko celebrates the 50th anniversary of their most iconic pattern, Unikko.

Maija Isola’s classic Unikko (Poppy) pattern was born in 1964.

The company’s founder Armi Ratia had announced that Marimekko would never print a floral pattern. Maija refused to obey Armi’s orders and, in protest, designed an entire collection of floral patterns. One of them was Unikko.

Visit the Unikko 50th anniversary site. It is an explosion of colours. I love it 🙂 .

Marimekko dress with painted skies

Marimekko dressMarimekko dress with painted skies

I love beautiful patterns. So I love Marimekko. Masters of beautiful and bold prints.

2.495 dkk here.

Painted Skies. Feel ravishing wearing the Tyrnihillo dress; it showcases a new lush print resembling a collage made from painted paper shapes. It has a round neckline with a hidden rear zip closure, cap sleeves, chest darts and a below-knee hemline with a sexy back slit. The cut is straight, but two side interior elasticized band at the waistline makes Tyrnihillo more fitted and extremely flattering. The woven fabric is made of 97% cotton, 3% elastane.

Marimekko dress in new design

Marimekko ny lommekjole 00Marimekko ny lommekjole 01I simply love Marimekko. I love their beautiful patterns.This is a new design of the original Marimekko Iloinen takki coat dress which I already own and have used a lot. But it is worn out and needs a replacement.

Marimekko kjole 1.495 dkk here.
Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi’s Nadja print is a true classic. The delicate, Slavic-style pattern has delighted since the ’60s, whether in Marimekko’s tiny coin purses or behind the popping colors of our Iloinen takki coatdresses. The Kurkistus tunic is a whimsical addition to our collection of happy coats.

Marimekko Iloinen takki coat dress

Marimekko lommekjoleI have had this dress for more than 5 years now. And I have used it a lot. I wear it all year round. In the summer with sandals, in the spring with tights, in the autumn with a black t-shirt under and in the winther with a woolen t-shirt under and long black boots. The dress is a classic. People come talk to me when I wear it. It brings memories to them. Maybe their mother wore this dress when they were kids, maybe they had the dress themselves when they were young and so on.

Marimekko dress 159 USD here.
Newly married Vuokko Eskolin – Nurmesniemi wanted a dress with pockets in which you could hide little presents and messages from loved ones. In 1960, she designed such a dress. Soon everybody wanted one – mothers and daughters and even granddaughters.