Maison Cashmere – long black V-cardigan

Maison Cashmere cardiganMaison Cashmere – long black V-cardigan.

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Long Cashmere Cardigan. This long cardigan will accent your figure and fit as if it were a dress, with all the warmth and comfort of pure cashmere. It is made as elegant and practical as possible, paying special attention to the finishing touches. 100% Cashmere. Regular fit, select your usual size. Medium gauge, ribbed cuffs, mother-of-pearl  buttons. Made in Italy.


Maison Cashmere – black open front cardigan

Maison Cashmere cardiganMaison Cashmere – black open front cashmere cardigan.

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This open front cardigan is easy to wear however you please. With its button-less opening and perfect length, this item is versatile and elegant, great for any occasion. The possibilities are truly endless. 100% Cashmere. Regular fit, select your usual size. Medium gauge, raw and ribbed trim. Made in Italy.

Maison Cashmere – small cashmere scarf

Maison Cashmere scarf Maison Cashmere scarf Maison Cashmere – small cashmere scarf.

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Cashmere Knit Scarf, a timeless classic. This cashmere knit scarf is without a doubt the most classic and essential cold weather accessory. Both for him and for her, it will complete any outfit with its warmth and soft feel. It will be your go-to on chilly winter days. The perfect addition to any attire. 100% Cashmere , 75gr. Medium gauge. Unisex. 175 cm x 25 cm. Ideal as a gift. Made in Italy.

Maison Cashmere – open front sleeveless cardigan

Maison Cashmere sleveless cardiganMaison Cashmere – open front sleeveless cardigan.

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100% Cashmere. Regular fit. Medium gauge, plain knit. Both stylish and versatile to wear in any number of ways. This cardigan is just that. Its length and button-less opening make it easy to throw on over just about anything, while its sleeveless design gives it a unique touch. Made in Italy.