Kangol – black Monty wool beret

Kangol - black Monty wool beretKangol – black Monty wool beret.

I love wool berets and I have had them for years. They come and go in fashion. With me they stay. They are a classic. I had this Monty wool beret from Kangol in size S, but it was a little too small, so I bought a size M and it is just perfect.

48 eur here.

Field Marshal Montgomery for whom the hat is named wore a Kangol beret as he commanded Allied troops in World War II. This Kangol military beret has made a fashionable transition from the battlefield to the streets. Shape:  Beret. Collection: Heritage Collection. Fabrication: Wool Felt. Material: 100% Wool.

Kangol – black army cap


Kangol – black army cap.

I like this cap. Big hats do not look good on me. And they make me feel too dressed up. But they sure do look good on others. I love the big boho hat look. But for myself I prefer small headgear. Like this one.

Description: Army caps represent a paradigm shift in popular trends and fashion thinking. The hot selling Cotton Adjustable Army Cap progresses this genre of headwear forward with a smart paneled construction with an adjustable backstrap that provides a perfect fit!

Kangol cap 31.10 eur here.

Kangol – black wool beret with leather

Kangol KangolKangol – black wool beret with leather.

Years ago I had a beret like this. And I loved it. It is not easy for me to find hats that suit me. But this one does. So this Christmas I put it on my wish list. And my wish was fulfilled. I am so happy for it. It is a classic made by Kangol. Actually Field Marshal Montgomery wore a Kangol beret as he commanded the allied troops in World War II (cf. the painting of Montgomery, painted  by Reginald Henry Lewis, 1946).

Description: Wool Monty, military beret, 100% wool.

Kangol Wool Monty 35 eur here.