H&M bras are the best

H&MH&M bras are the best.

My favourite bras are from H&M. I have tried to look for other labels. Even more exclusive and more expensive labels. But H&M bras are the best. They fit well. And they last. Even though I wash them in the washing machine. H&M have so many models so just try on the ones you like. And one or more of them will fit you.

Microfibre push-up bra – here.

Push-up bra in mesh – here.

Cotton-mix push-up bra – here.

Cotton-mix t-shirt bra – here.

H&M – black dress with bow detail

H&M H&MH&M – black dress with bow detail.

This dress could be a COS dress. It is very COS style. Simple but with a detail. I think the dress looks very exclusive. And much more expensive than it is. Moreover the dress is very comfortable to wear. Due to the elastan. I bought it for a special occasion. Next month we are having a reception in the office where I work. And I would like to wear something elegant and low-key, but still with personality. I think this dress is perfect. I will just add black tall boots and my statement ring from Georg Jensen, the small Moonlight grapes ring.

Beskrivelse: Figursyet kjole i vævet kvalitet med læg og bindedetalje foran. Kjolen har trekvartlange ærmer og skjult lynlås i ryggen. Uforet. 65% polyester, 33% viskose, 2% elastan. Varenr. 46-4034.

H&M dress 349 dkk here.

H&M – colour block midi dress

H&M H&MH&M – colour block midi dress.

This H&M dress is so elegant. And I love the colour block effect. Black on the bottom is very convenient if you have broad hips. Because black makes things look smaller.

Beskrivelse: Kjole i længde til midt på læggen. Den er i en crepet, vævet kvalitet med bredt bindebælte i taljen, har lange, vide ærmer og slids i siderne. Uden for. 100% viskose. Varenr. 45-1645.

H&M dress 349 dkk here.

H&M beige dress with floral print

H&MH&MH&M beige dress with floral print.

This H&M dress is the same dress as the one I bought with cat print – look here. Actually I bought the two dresses on the same day. They were hanging in the window of a big H&M shop in Copenhagen. And they caught my attention. Due to the prints. But I also love the relaxed cut. And the detail on the back.

Beskrivelse: Knælang og let figursyet kjole i vævet kvalitet. Har åbning i ryggen, som holdes samlet af skjulte knapper. Lange ærmer. Uden for. 100% viskose. Varenr. 50-1626.

H&M dress 179 dkk here.

H&M dress with frills on the sleeves


H&M dress with frills on the sleeves.

I have had my eyes on this dress for a while. And also tried it on in an H&M shop. Now it is only 120 dkk on sale. It is incredible that you can buy a dress at that price. Especially with all the detailing on the sleeves. It is tempting. But I have a principle. If I buy a new dress, one of the other dresses in my wardrobe has to leave. And I do not want to get rid of any of the dresses in my wardrobe right now…

Beskrivelse: Knælang kjole i vævet kvalitet med flæse på ærmerne. Den er lige skåret og lukkes med betrukket knap i nakken. Jerseyfor. 100% viskose. Varenr. 42-7755.

H&M dress 120 dkk (was 249 dkk) here.

H&M black dress with white cat print


H&M black dress with white cat print.

This H&M dress has become one of my favourites this season. A black and white graphic print is always a winner. And this print makes you look twice. To see what it actually is. My first thought was kangaroos. But at second glance I saw the white cats. And I love cats. My son also sees black princesses holding flowers in the hands. I bought the dress in a H&M store in Copenhagen. It was in the window and it immediately caught my attention. Even though I was not out shopping. It is not sold online in this fabric. But in other fabrics. However, online H&M has a blouse with the cat print. Look here.

Beskrivelse: Knælang og let figursyet kjole i vævet kvalitet. Har åbning i ryggen, som holdes samlet af skjulte knapper. Lange ærmer. Uden for. 100% viskose. Varenr. 53-2066.

H&M dress 179 dkk here.

H&M – perfect black fleece tights

H&M H&MH&M – perfect black fleece tights.

I will tell you a secret. How I can wear dresses year round. And keep warm even in the winther. The secret is the tights. Different kinds of black opaque tights. In the autumn I wear Oroblu Chantal 120. But when it is really cold I wear fleece tights. And this year H&M has made some that are absolutely fabulous. They have the right black colour. The right matt surface. And on the leg they look like normal opaque tights. They are absolutely perfect. And so comfortable and warm. Not too tight. I hate tight tights. So I always buy them 1 or 2 sizes bigger. When I find something perfect I stock up on it. So under my bed I have a box full of these perfect black H&M fleece tights.

Beskrivelse: Tætte strømpebukser med blød fleece på inderside. Elastik i taljen. 3% elastan, 97% polyamid. Varenr. 46-4554. 

H&M fleece tights 80 dkk here.

H&M grey sweat dress with floral print


H&M grey sweat dress with floral print.

I bought this H&M sweat dress in the early autumn. I like the mix of the sporty features – sweat shirt fabric and the sweat shirt cut – and the feminine floral print. The dress is so comfortable to wear. And it is warm. I bought it in a big H&M shop in central Copenhagen. But I have not been able to find it online.

H&M dress 250 dkk

H&M – black shawl collar cardigan

H&MH&MH&M – black shawl collar cardigan.

I bought this H&M cardigan earlier this year. And recently I have used it a lot. Because it has gotten colder. And it is perfect. It has the perfect length. It has a perfect weight. It is very light. It has got some good details – the pockets, the shawl collar, the structure. But the details are not too dominating. I would like the attention to be drawn to the dress I am wearing underneath. And not to the cardigan itself. It is not too warm, so it is perfect if cashmere or wool is too warm. It is soft and the draping is perfect. I missed it a lot when it was in the laundry basket. So, since it is not very expensive, I stocked up on it. If I have been looking for a basic item for a long time and then finally find it, I stock up on it.

Beskrivelse: Vrangstrikket cardigan i blød kvalitet. Har sjalskrave og omrullede kanter samt lommer foran. Har ingen lukning. 25% viskose, 40% bomuld, 30% polyamid, 5% uld. Varenr. 58-6477.

H&M cardigan 249 dkk here.

H&M – black dress with blue and white pearls

H&MH&MH&M – black dress with blue and white pearls.

I have had my eyes on this dress for quite a while. It has got a lot of personality. It would be great for Christmas.

Beskrivelse: STUDIO COLLECTION. Kort kjole i skinnende fløjl med perlebroderet bærestykke. Den har trekvartlange ærmer med perle- og pailletbroderier. Skjult lynlås bagpå. Uden for. 100% polyester. Varenr. 54-5929. 

H&M dress 1299 dkk here.