Essie – let it shine

EssieEssie – let it shine.

This top coat makes my nails shine. And contributes to a polished look. I don’t wear nail colour. I always wear dresses which have got so much personality that I can wear them on their own. Just adding black basics and basic jewellery. Simple and chic. That is my ‘dress code’.

Beskrivelse: Denne unikke overlak med høj glans giver negle, der ser yngre ud.

Essie let it shine 115 dkk here.


Essie tea and crumpets

Essie tea and crumpetsEssie tea and crumpets

100 dkk here.

It is time to wear sandals here in Denmark 🙂 . So today I bought this perfect nude nail polish. I love the pearly finish. One coat is enough to give my toenails a polished look. I prefer my nails to be neutral so they do not distract my outfit. I usually let my clothing take care of colours and patterns…