Lindberg eyewear – my new glasses

LindbergLindbergLindberg eyewear – my new glasses.

Yesterday I got my new glasses. They are from Lindberg. I have been waiting for them almost 4 weeks. I was so excited. And I was not disappointed. On the contrary. I like them a lot. Which was a relief. Because they were sooo expensive. I never had glasses that cost so much before. Also because I like to get new glasses often. Or at least every second year. The Lindberg glasses are so comfortable and light as a feather. Mine are similar to the ones in the model photo. But without the black line. Mine are all dark grey. I think that the grey colour goes very well with my natural colouring. So they like ‘melt’ into the face. And the dark grey also goes well with all the black that is usually in my outfit.

About: Lindberg are a Danish eyewear manufacturer specialising in lightweight titanium frames. With many frames designs, as well as custom fitting, multiple colour options, and multiple lens shapes, Lindberg’s innovation eyewear system makes it possible to put together unique personal frames to suit the wearer in terms of every design aspect. Over the years Lindberg have been able to create minimalist, light as a feather eyewear with individual style. They have replicated this philosophy, producing one of the lightest acetate frames on the market. And without comprising that elegant style, maximum comfort and functional design. With over 46 different eyeglasses in the Lindberg collection, each one unique and trendy and of course hard-wearing, there are several that have award winning next to their titles. More than half of the Lindberg frames weigh only 1.9 grams. This is good news for those who feel the weight of their glasses on their face. Lindberg represent a beautiful example of Danish, minimalist design tradition, a brilliant example of eyewear design at it’s best.

Om: Lindberg har en særlig filosofi: letvægtkvalitet, flesibilitet og tilpasning. Virksomheden blev grundlagt som familievirksomhed i 1986, hvor optiker Poul-Jørn Lindberg fik inspiration til den første Lindbergbrille, Air Titanium, som blev designet sammen med arkitekten Hans Dissing. Det blev markedets første allergivenlige titaniumstel med skrueløse hængsler. Noget der i den grad blev en milepæl i Lindbergs historie. Senere overtog sønnen, arkitekt Henrik Lindberg, og han er i dag leder af Lindberg, der er et af branchens største navne. Værdierne hos Lindberg er ikke til at tage fejl af: Her går man ikke på kompromis med materialerne. Der findes ikke en eneste skrue i en Lindberg-brille – og designet tilpasses din ansigtsform. Her finder du klassiske faconer, smukke farver, moderne udtryk og enkle detaljer.

Lindberg eyewear here.

Magasin black wool pullover

Magasin MagasinMagasin black wool pullover.

I bought this black Magasin pullover to accompany my printed COS shirt dress. And to help keeping me warm in the winter time. I usually let cardigans do that job. But it is always good to try something new. And I think this combination works just fine. The neck of the pullover is just perfect to the shirt collar. The pullover has raglan sleeves. Which is a favourite of mine. I bought the pullover a size bigger to obtain a more loose fit. The Magasin pullover is very light and comfortable to wear.

Beskrivelse: Enkel og klassisk pullover med rund hals og bred ribkant. 100% lammeuld. Ynna 2 pullover. ID: VA03487640-00065184_061.

Magasin pullover 349 dkk here.

H&M grey sweat dress with floral print


H&M grey sweat dress with floral print.

I bought this H&M sweat dress in the early autumn. I like the mix of the sporty features – sweat shirt fabric and the sweat shirt cut – and the feminine floral print. The dress is so comfortable to wear. And it is warm. I bought it in a big H&M shop in central Copenhagen. But I have not been able to find it online.

H&M dress 250 dkk

2014-07-21 – Fond of my new sunglasses

Bonaparte2014-07-21 – Fond of my new sunglasses.

During our summer holiday in Sweden we went to Astrid Lindgren’s World. It was so hot and I felt most comfortable in the shadow. And wearing as little as possible. I was wearing my green Bonaparte dress with studs.

I am also wearing my new sunglasses which I am so fond of. They are so small and fine. A contrast to my normal glasses. Which I now think look too bold. Especially here in the summer. So I look forward to replacing them early next year. Then I have had them for two years. Prescription glasses are expensive here in Denmark. So you have to consider your choice very well. Because glasses are a very powerful accessory and they will be with you for a while. I tried contact lenses. But my eyes do not like them.


Choklate – white A-dress with laces – 2014-07-24

ChoklateChoklate – white A-dress with laces – 2014-07-24.

My sister and me in our new dresses. Souvenirs from our summer holiday in Sweden. We bought the dresses in a small town called Nässjo. They were half price. I paid only 250 sek for mine. A bargain. The label is Choklate which I do not know and cannot find online. I cannot remember the label of my sister’s dress. I think the dress is so perfect for her and I am proud to have such a beautiful sister. We bought the dresses in a shop which had a mixture of interior decorating, jewellery and clothing for both women and children. The name of the shop is Hemma Stil and their phone no. is +46 380 51 10 44. They have a webshop – click here.

White is always a winner on sun kissed skin. I will use the dress now with sandals. In the early autumn – when I still have a tan – I will wear it with black tights and black boots. To make the dress more cool and less romantic.



My mother, my daughter and me are sporting our new dresses.

And my son is sporting his new H&M outfit.

My new Indiska dress here and here. My mother’s new Indiska dress here.

2014-07-09 Egmont sunglasses

Selfie new sunglasses2014-07-09 Egmont sunglasses.

These cool sunglasses just arrived today. It is the first time ever I have ordered sunglasses online. But they were cheap so it was worth taking the risk. And I was not disappointed. It is not easy for me to find glasses and sunglasses that I like. I think it is because I have a small face so many glasses and sunglasses are just too big for me. Maybe I should order some more? Since I tend to lose sunglasses, umbrellas and other loose pieces… But I think not. They are already sold out 🙁 .

Beskrivelse: Rigtig lækre designersolbriller i god kvalitet. Brilleglas bredde: 46mm. Brilleglas højde: 46mm. Brillestang: 125mm.

Egmont sunglasses 100 dkk (price for members 49 dkk) here.