Choies shoes – fish scale pointed flat shoes

Choies shoesChoies shoes – fish scale pointed flat shoes

I have several shoes like these. In diferent materials. … They are neutral. They look stylish. And what I like so much about them. They go with everything. I always see to it that I have at least one pair of shoes for a season which goes with everything. It makes packing much easier. Sometimes it is just not possible to bring a pair of shoes for every outfit. I then need a pair that will go with everything. Also it makes dressing on stressful mornings much easier. Just grab the basic style, if you have no time to try several on.

Choies shoes. Flat. 100% real leather. Choies shoes 90 usd here.


Choies shoes with metal crosses

Choies shoesChoies shoesChoies shoes with metal crosses.

Cool pirate style. These shoes will give an edge to your outfit. I guarantee.

Description: Pointed flat shoes. With metal crosses. 100% real leather.

Choies shoes 103 usd here.

Choies shoes – cool cut out

Choies shoesChoies shoesChoies shoes – cool cut out

Love at first sight. I was prepared to buy these cool shoes instantly when I saw them. But I have promised myself to wait at least 24 hours. To see if I am still mad about them.

Details: Heel height: 3 cm. 100% real leather.

Choies shoes usd 110 here.