St-Martins – orange printed dress

St-Martins St-MartinsSt-Martins – orange printed dress with black details.

Amazing colours. I would love to wear this dress in the summer. But it would also look good right now with black tights and a black cardi. As I wrote the other day, some of the best dresses and skirts I have had were from St-Martins. There is so much personality in their clothing. And the label has its own style. Sometimes I can see that a dress is a St-Martins dress. Like a painting. When you know the artist you can often recognise their work.

Beskrivelse: St-Martins Fernanda kjole C. Kjole med lille kort ærme og bælte samt bådudskæring. 100% silke.

St-Martins dress 1099 dkk here.

Udgivet i 01. Dresses og tagget .

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