Sparkz grey baseball t-shirt dress

SparkzSparkzSparkzSparkzSparkz grey baseball t-shirt dress.

Another dress that I got on my shopping day with my daughter. The first day after Christmas the shops were open and all had started sale. The other dress was the black Noa Noa tunic with floral front. My daughter said I looked cool which made me buy the dress. When I came home, my husband said I looked like a teenager… Hmm… But I am happy about the dress and have already worn it two days and cannot wait until it is dry after wash to wear it. Fortunatately, it dries fast. It is so relaxed and comfortable to wear. I love it. And it reminds me of an awesome shopping day with my daughter. Like a souvenir.

Beskrivelse: Sparkz Philippine. Oversize. Ekstra lang. Modellen er 181 cm høj og bruger størrelse 36. Samlet længde: 88 cm. Materiale: 65% polyester, 22% viskose, 13% bomuld. Style no. 45-01511-01-086.

Sparkz dress 349 dkk (now 297 dkk) here.

Udgivet i 01. Dresses, 07. My wardrobe og tagget , .

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