Sissel Edelbo – Magnolia kimono dress

Sissel Edelbo Sissel Edelbo Sissel Edelbo Sissel Edelbo Sissel Edelbo Sissel EdelboSissel Edelbo – Magnolia kimono dress.

Magnolia kimono No. 109 899 dkk here.

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Description: This long kimono has a belt in the waist, so the kimono can be worn both open and wrapped as a kimono dress. The kimono is also perfect on the beach, but it fits well all year-around.

For this kimono a sari that has been used by an Indian woman as a saree wrapped around her body has been up-cycled.

NOTE! All garments have, before they were re-designed, been used by an Indian woman. This story shows it self in that there will be small tracks like tiny loose threads or tiny stains on the fabric. Sissel Edelbo loves the story as well as the flaws – and hope others will as well and let the story continue.

Since the fabric is re-used fabric, it cannot be informed what the total composition of the fabric is. Sissel Edelbo handpicks the fabric in India as a silk-mix saree.

Garment Measurements (Size S/M): Chest width: 124 cm. Full Length: 102 cm.

Udgivet i 01. Dresses, 08. Wish list og tagget .

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