Selected Femme dress – white with black pattern

Selected Femme dressSelected Femme dressSelected Femme dress – white with black pattern

I will never get tired of dresses with a graphic black and white print. And I love this Selected Femme dress. I once read that it will look good if you choose colours that repeat your own colouring (e.g. eyes or hair). Have you ever noticed that if a blue eyed person wears blue close to the face – a blue dress or a blue top – the person’s eyes will look even more blue. It is stunning. I think that the reason why black and white suits everybody is that we all have the colours black and white in our eyes. If you then choose jewellery or accessories with the colour of your eyes, the outfit is perfectly pulled together 🙂 .

Selected Femme dress 400 dkk her – only small sizes left.

Loose fit. 100% viskose. Knælængde. Printet mønster. Slidsdetalje i ryg med knaplukning. Blød og let kvalitet. Feminin kjole i loose fit og med grafisk print.

Udgivet i 01. Dresses, 08. Wish list og tagget .

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