Seiko – black watch

SeikoSeiko – black watch.

I just got this black Seiko watch. It was a birthday present. My previous watch was also a Seiko. I like Seiko. It is good quality at a good price. And their designs are clean and simple.

The watch is 26 mm. My wrist is very small. Therefore big watches do not look good on me.

Black and silver. I think this watch ties my outfits together very well. By repeating the colour black and the material silver. Which are always present in my outfits. Black is my basic colour. So I always wear something black. At least my shoes are always black. My wedding ring and my favourite earrings are made of white gold. And I wear my wedding ring every day.

The watch also goes well with my new Georg Jensen Moonlight Grapes ring.

Seiko, black watch, (SXDF57P2) DKK 1195 here.

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