Saint Tropez dress with snake print

Saint Tropez dressSaint Tropez dress with snake print

I bought this dress when I went shopping in a local mall with my 10 years old daughter. With two kids and a job it is not that often that I get a chance to go shopping. And therefore I buy most of my clothing online. Saint Tropez is one of my favorite labels. And I cannot walk by their shops without having a look to see if they have got something new. They always have. This Saint Tropez dress I will primarily use on the beach or in the garden. In this dress I fell more covered than in a bathing suit. And the dress still allows me to get tanned on my arms and legs. The material is very very light. It is almost like wearing nothing at all. Which is a very comfortable feeling when it gets hot. I use it without the drawstring. I just let it hang loose. Very comfortable 🙂 . I like 🙂 . In the evening when it gets colder I pair it with this H&M cardigan.

Saint Tropez dress 400 dkk here.

Saint Tropez dress with snake print with silver markers. Loose fit, thin adjustable spaghetti straps and small drawstring waist. Style measures 86 cm from shoulder to hem in size M. 100% viscose.
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