Saint Tropez dress with floral print

Saint TropezSaint TropezSaint Tropez dress with floral print.

I have had my eyes on this dress for a while. And every time I pass a Saint Tropez shop I go inside to see whether they have this dress. So far without any luck. Cannot understand why. Maybe I should order it online but some sizes are already sold out. And I cannot find out which one of the two colours would be the best. I would prefer to try both of them and let the dressing room decide. So I will keep on looking for this dress.

Beskrivelse: Saint Tropez kjole med blomsterprint. Loose fit. Rund halsudskæring med knaplukning i ryggen. Lange ærmer. Let rundet forneden. Stylen måler 98½ cm fra skulder til kant i str. M. Materialer: 100% polyester. #M6005.

Saint Tropez dress 400 dkk here and here.

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