Saint Tropez – boho maxi dress

Saint Tropez Saint TropezSaint Tropez – boho maxi dress.

My heart started beating when I saw this dress in a window of one of the Saint Tropez shops in Copenhagen. And I could not forget about the dress. So I had to go back the next day to try it on. But unfortunately, it did not suit me. I am not tall enogh. If my upper body was 10 cm longer it would be perfect. Waisted dresses never look good on me, unfortunately. Because the waist of the dress is never where my waist is. So the dress puffs out too much. Which makes me look fat 🙁 . If I want waisted dresses I will have to sew them myself or I will have to have them tailormade (which is too expensive for me…).

Beskrivelse: Saint Tropez lang kjole med paisley print. Regular fit, V-halsudskæring med lille løst bindebånd i talje og lange ærmer. Stylen måler 150 cm fra skulder til kant i str. M. Materialer: 100% viscose. #N6015.

Saint Tropez dress 700 dkk here.

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