& Other Stories – House of Hackney dress

& Other Stories dress & Other Stories dress & Other Stories dress& Other Stories – House of Hackney dress.

A perfect dress for hot days. City, beach or office. Very versatile.

645 dkk here.

House of Hackney & Other Stories. Sleeveless knee length dress in a maximalist floral “damas” print, detailed with a zebra “equus” printed neck tie. Elasticated waistband. Length of dress: 110.5cm / 43.5″ (size 36). Made with sustainable materials. Product No. 0650228001. 

Damas is a brand-new House of Hackney “tree of life” print, full of intricately hand painted blooms and foliage. Damas, which means “that which comes from Eastern India”, is a type of printed or painted textile manufactured in Europe during the 17th and the 19th centuries, originally made in India. Damas is also Spanish for ‘Lady’ and plays on the femininity of the collection. Equus is a vintage zebra print. Equus is inspired by undulating vintage zebra hides, hand-painted then given an aged finish. This print brings a safari mood to the collection, and pairs perfectly with the bolder florals.
Inspired by maximalist floral and zebra prints, the quirky world of House of Hackney comes to life in the latest & Other Stories co-lab collection. The collection is primarily made in sustainable materials such as TENCEL® and organic cotton. 

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