Oroblu Chantal 120 – the perfect black tights

OrobluOroblu Chantal 120 – the perfect black tights.

Let me tell you. I have found the perfect black opaque tights. So you do not have to look any more. Oroblu Chantal 120 are perfect. They have a soft comfortable top. Tights should not be too tight, I think. That is why I always buy them 1 or 2 sizes bigger. Often I then have the problem that they are too big around my ankles. But not these from Oroblu. They are sooo flexible. And they are warm. Warmer than all the ones I tried before. And they are many. It must be due to the Progress 3Dimension technology.

Last but not least. They have the right black colour. Black and not black black. With black black tights I had a problem when pairing them with black suede shoes. Black suede shoes are often dull black. Which perfectly matches the colour of these tights. So when I wear black suede shoes it is almost impossible to see where the shoes start and end. And where the tights start and end. Which have an elongating effect on my legs. The legs simply look longer. And especially when wearing a dress which is a jewel in itself I like the effect that tights and shoes blur. So that they do not disturb the dress. Other times I like to play with leather or patent leather shoes as accessories. And in that case it is absolutely not the intention that tights and shoes should blur. On the contrary.

I have spent so much money on tights that did not work. And now that I have found these perfect tights from Oroblu I have totally stocked up on them. The first pair I bought in a Copenhagen department store. But then I found them online at half the price. Directly from the producer. And free shipping to all European countries.

Description: Opaque tights, in soft multifibre and elastane made using Progress 3Dimension technology. Particularly smooth, even knit. Anatomical top, very soft and adjustable. Flat seams, cotton gusset. Composition: 93% nylon, 7% elastane.

This post is NOT sponsored. I really mean it. These Oroblu tights are simply just perfect. You should give them a try. And please let me know what you think.

Oroblu tights EUR 12.95 here. (20 per cent discount with code BF20 until 30 November 2014)

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