Marimekko Iloinen takki coat dress

Marimekko lommekjoleI have had this dress for more than 5 years now. And I have used it a lot. I wear it all year round. In the summer with sandals, in the spring with tights, in the autumn with a black t-shirt under and in the winther with a woolen t-shirt under and long black boots. The dress is a classic. People come talk to me when I wear it. It brings memories to them. Maybe their mother wore this dress when they were kids, maybe they had the dress themselves when they were young and so on.

Marimekko dress 159 USD here.
Newly married Vuokko Eskolin – Nurmesniemi wanted a dress with pockets in which you could hide little presents and messages from loved ones. In 1960, she designed such a dress. Soon everybody wanted one – mothers and daughters and even granddaughters.


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