Marimekko dress in new design

Marimekko ny lommekjole 00Marimekko ny lommekjole 01I simply love Marimekko. I love their beautiful patterns.This is a new design of the original Marimekko Iloinen takki coat dress which I already own and have used a lot. But it is worn out and needs a replacement.

Marimekko kjole 1.495 dkk here.
Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi’s Nadja print is a true classic. The delicate, Slavic-style pattern has delighted since the ’60s, whether in Marimekko’s tiny coin purses or behind the popping colors of our Iloinen takki coatdresses. The Kurkistus tunic is a whimsical addition to our collection of happy coats.

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