Kangol – black Monty wool beret

Kangol - black Monty wool beretKangol – black Monty wool beret.

I love wool berets and I have had them for years. They come and go in fashion. With me they stay. They are a classic. I had this Monty wool beret from Kangol in size S, but it was a little too small, so I bought a size M and it is just perfect.

48 eur here.

Field Marshal Montgomery for whom the hat is named wore a Kangol beret as he commanded Allied troops in World War II. This Kangol military beret has made a fashionable transition from the battlefield to the streets. Shape:  Beret. Collection: Heritage Collection. Fabrication: Wool Felt. Material: 100% Wool.

Udgivet i 05. Accessories, 07. My wardrobe og tagget .

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