H&M – black shawl collar cardigan

H&MH&MH&M – black shawl collar cardigan.

I bought this H&M cardigan earlier this year. And recently I have used it a lot. Because it has gotten colder. And it is perfect. It has the perfect length. It has a perfect weight. It is very light. It has got some good details – the pockets, the shawl collar, the structure. But the details are not too dominating. I would like the attention to be drawn to the dress I am wearing underneath. And not to the cardigan itself. It is not too warm, so it is perfect if cashmere or wool is too warm. It is soft and the draping is perfect. I missed it a lot when it was in the laundry basket. So, since it is not very expensive, I stocked up on it. If I have been looking for a basic item for a long time and then finally find it, I stock up on it.

Beskrivelse: Vrangstrikket cardigan i blød kvalitet. Har sjalskrave og omrullede kanter samt lommer foran. Har ingen lukning. 25% viskose, 40% bomuld, 30% polyamid, 5% uld. Varenr. 58-6477.

H&M cardigan 249 dkk here.

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