H&M black dress with white cat print


H&M black dress with white cat print.

This H&M dress has become one of my favourites this season. A black and white graphic print is always a winner. And this print makes you look twice. To see what it actually is. My first thought was kangaroos. But at second glance I saw the white cats. And I love cats. My son also sees black princesses holding flowers in the hands. I bought the dress in a H&M store in Copenhagen. It was in the window and it immediately caught my attention. Even though I was not out shopping. It is not sold online in this fabric. But in other fabrics. However, online H&M has a blouse with the cat print. Look here.

Beskrivelse: Knælang og let figursyet kjole i vævet kvalitet. Har åbning i ryggen, som holdes samlet af skjulte knapper. Lange ærmer. Uden for. 100% viskose. Varenr. 53-2066.

H&M dress 179 dkk here.

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