Ganni dress with palms

Ganni dressGanni dressGanni dress with palms

It is getting hotter and hotter here in Denmark. It is summer 🙂 . And time for this dress with palms. But I waited too long to buy it. And now the green one is sold out. And the grey one is available only in small sizes… Hmmm. Last year I learned the lesson not to buy too much at the beginning of a season when all the goodies start popping up in the stores. To wait and buy continually. Because I like to continually have new clothing. And look where this brought me. All the best is sold out everywhere. So this year’s lesson is to buy what you want when you see it (and can afford it, of course…) and not to wait. Which was also the lesson I learned the year before last year 😉 . I am a little confused what would be the best tactics.

Ganni kjole 799 dkk here.

Jungle viscose dress with graphic print. With its simple cut and spectacular print this dress will be a cool and edgy add-on to your collection. The heavy viscose combined with the tailored waist gives a comfortable and feminine fit.

Udgivet i 01. Dresses, 08. Wish list og tagget .

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