2014-07-09 Egmont sunglasses

Selfie new sunglasses2014-07-09 Egmont sunglasses.

These cool sunglasses just arrived today. It is the first time ever I have ordered sunglasses online. But they were cheap so it was worth taking the risk. And I was not disappointed. It is not easy for me to find glasses and sunglasses that I like. I think it is because I have a small face so many glasses and sunglasses are just too big for me. Maybe I should order some more? Since I tend to lose sunglasses, umbrellas and other loose pieces… But I think not. They are already sold out 🙁 .

Beskrivelse: Rigtig lækre designersolbriller i god kvalitet. Brilleglas bredde: 46mm. Brilleglas højde: 46mm. Brillestang: 125mm.

Egmont sunglasses 100 dkk (price for members 49 dkk) here.

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