Choklate – white A-dress with laces – 2014-07-24

ChoklateChoklate – white A-dress with laces – 2014-07-24.

My sister and me in our new dresses. Souvenirs from our summer holiday in Sweden. We bought the dresses in a small town called Nässjo. They were half price. I paid only 250 sek for mine. A bargain. The label is Choklate which I do not know and cannot find online. I cannot remember the label of my sister’s dress. I think the dress is so perfect for her and I am proud to have such a beautiful sister. We bought the dresses in a shop which had a mixture of interior decorating, jewellery and clothing for both women and children. The name of the shop is Hemma Stil and their phone no. is +46 380 51 10 44. They have a webshop – click here.

White is always a winner on sun kissed skin. I will use the dress now with sandals. In the early autumn – when I still have a tan – I will wear it with black tights and black boots. To make the dress more cool and less romantic.

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