Malene Hocke – rose partisan cashmere scarf

Malene Hocke - rose partisan cashmere scarfMalene Hocke – rose partisan cashmere scarf.

A great soft, warm and light scarf to lighten up your coat.

499 dkk here.

Fabric: 85 % cashmere, 15 % silke. Style: Partisan Rose. Color: Mauve Rose. Size: 105 x 105.

Uniqlo – black single strap backpack

Uniqlo - black single strap backpackUniqlo – black single strap backpack.

199 dkk here.

Incredibly tough with plenty of storage space. A backpack ready for everyday wear. Water-repellent coating keeps out light rain. Versatile, matte fabric. Made with highly durable nylon. Features excellent storage capacity and conveniently placed pockets. Two-way design means it can also be used as a mini shoulder bag. # 418843.

Aura – black zip-around Boston purse

Aura - black zip-around Boston purseAura – black zip-around Boston purse.

450 dkk here.

Boston pung fra Aura. Pung i skind med en lynlåslomme, fire lommer og tolv kortholdere. Lukkes med lynlås. Mål: 10 x 19 x 2 cm. Materiale: Kalv. Varenummer: 14266200000. Stregkode: 5711423033432. Leverandør varenummer: AU1138.

Reisenthel – black netbook bag

Reisenthel - black netbook bagReisenthel – black netbook bag.

25 eur here.

On the move with your notebook: Notebooks make it possible to work practically everywhere today. Simply unpack and get working. It’s all the more important that they are tucked away securely when you are out and about. Like in the new netbookbag. Padded, adjustable – simply practical. Details:
Size (W x H x D): 40 x 28,5 x 3,5 cm. Volume: 5 l. Practical and stylish bag for notebooks with a diagonal length of max. 15.6”. Padded main compartment with large zipped opening. 2 pockets and 1 zipped pocket on the outside. 2 carrying options with carryinghandles and an adjustable, removable shoulder strap. Carrying handles can be stored in outer compartments. Material: premium-quality polyester, water-repellent. Item no.: MA7003. EAN: 4012013709555.

Reisenthel – mini maxi shopper

Reisenthel - mini maxi shopperReisenthel - mini maxi shopper Reisenthel - mini maxi shopperReisenthel – mini maxi shopper.

I always have these foldable shoppers in my bags. Very practical and good for the environment.

6 eur here.

The one and only: Shopping bag with a history – since 2001 the mini maxi shopper from reisenthel has been impressing shoppers with its considerable volume for such a compact little bag. It also protects the environment, as each one replaces about 1,000 plastic bags. Details: Size (W x H x D): 43,5 x 60 x 7 cm. Volume: 15 l. Washable at 30 °C. mini maxi shopper in attractive patterns. Can be folded up to a tiny size and fixed with an elastic band. 2 extra-long carrying handles which double as shoulder straps. Size folded: 6 x 12 x 2 cm. Material: premium-quality polyester, water-repellent. Item no.: AT7009. EAN: 4012013546105.

Markberg – black Ulrika shoulder bag

Markberg - black Ulrika shoulder bagMarkberg – black Ulrika shoulder bag.

This shoulder bag has become my companion and best friend. It is not too big. It is not too small. The size is just perfect.

1699 dkk here.

Ulrika skuldertaske fra Markberg. Tasken er lavet af lammeskind med struktur fra New Zealand. Den har to lommer og en lynlåslomme indvendig. Tasken lukkes med lynlås og på bagsiden er en lynlåslomme. Tasken har en aftagelig skulderhank og en aftagelig samt justerbar crossbody-strop. Indvendigt har den et 100 % bomuldsfor. Mål:  30 x 28 x 17 cm. Vægt: 0,5 kg.  Varenummer: 14625700000.

Reisenthel – black shopper XS

Reisenthel - black shopper XSReisenthel – black shopper XS.

This little shopper is so cute. Sometimes you don’t need to bring along a lot of stuff.

13 eur here.

Versatile favourite: The shopper XS from Reisenthel is the exact replica of the shopper M in extra small and is a cute little bag for small or big girls to carry or hang on their shoulders. Size (W x H x D): 31 x 21 x 16 cm. Volume: 4 l. Opening can be zipped shut. 1 zip pocket inside. 2 short carrying handles, 1 adjustable shoulder strap. Square bottom for extra stability. Material: premium-quality polyester, water-repellent. Item no.: ZR7003. EAN: 4012013709609.

Reisenthel – black cityshopper 2

Reisenthel - black cityshopper 2 Reisenthel - black cityshopper 2Reisenthel – black cityshopper 2.

This cityshopper has room for everything. And it looks nice too.

20 eur here.

Practical shopper with attitude: Head into the city and let the shopping fun begin! The new cityshopper 2 is THE casual companion when it comes to discovering and bagging the latest fashion trends. Details: Size (W x H x D): 47 x 44 x 17 cm. Volume: 25 l. Practical shopper. Zipper to open and close the bag. 2 carry straps. 2 deep pockets on the outside. Zipped inside pocket and 2 small compartments. Rectangular base for easy standing. Material: premium-quality polyester, water-repellent. Item no.: ZE7003. EAN: 4012013709357.

Reisenthel case 1 – happy flowers

Reisenthel case 1 - happy flowersReisenthel case 1 – happy flowers.

This colourful cosmetics bag is easy to find in your handbag or tote. I bought it when I was on summer holiday. So it’s a kind of a souvenir to me.

6 eur here.

Case 1, cosmetics bag for on the go, is a wonderful space saver and fits in any handbag. All-purpose organiser for cosmetics and other small handbag items. Zip opening with extra-long pull tab. Inner lining. Material: premium-quality polyester, water-repellent. Size (W x H x D): 24 x 17 x 0 cm.  Item no.: LR7048. EAN: 4012013704468.