H&M – black and white cape


H&M – black and white cape.

This cape is already sold out online. And I have searched for it in all the H&M shops in Copenhagen without any luck. I would love to add this poncho to my autumn wardrobe. Black/white goes with everything. It is perfect.

Beskrivelse: Mønstret kappe i blød, vævet kvalitet med frynser forneden. 65% akryl, 35% polyester. Varenr. 30-2787. 

H&M kappe 199 dkk here.

Pilgrim – double silver ball earring

PilgrimPilgrim – double silver ball earring.

I like simple jewellery. Often my dress has an interesting print or some interesting details. So I prefer jewellery in a simple design. My jewellery plays a supporting role. The dress is the star.

Description: Earrings, silver plated, dented surface. Product: 261526083. Collection: F 2015-2. Serie: Summer ear news.

Pilgrim earrings 179 dkk here.

Hope – black oval sunglasses

HopeHope – black oval sunglasses.

These sun glasses are so cool.

Description: Oval shaped Sunglasses in an interesting mix with acetat and surgical stainless steel which makes them very light. 100% acetate.

Hope sun glasses 2000 dkk here.

& Other Stories – black leather hand bag

& Other Stories& Other Stories& Other Stories – black leather hand bag.

Now this bag is half price. Tempting…

Description: Made from smooth leather, this handbag has an open pocket on one side that allows it to also be carried as a clutch. Sturdy leather handles and detachable shoulder strap. Curved metal zip with a brushed gold finish and two leather zip pullers. Cotton twill lining. Zipped inside pocket and a phone pocket with leather trimming. Dimensions: 30 x 22 x 18 cm. 100% cow leather. Product ID: 403340.

& Other Stories bag 1390 (now 695 dkk) here.

Kangol – black army cap


Kangol – black army cap.

I like this cap. Big hats do not look good on me. And they make me feel too dressed up. But they sure do look good on others. I love the big boho hat look. But for myself I prefer small headgear. Like this one.

Description: Army caps represent a paradigm shift in popular trends and fashion thinking. The hot selling Cotton Adjustable Army Cap progresses this genre of headwear forward with a smart paneled construction with an adjustable backstrap that provides a perfect fit!

Kangol cap 31.10 eur here.

Bonaparte – black and white scarf

BonaparteBonaparte – black and white scarf.

I have a weakness for black and white scarves. They go with everything. They lighten up the face when you have a lot of black in your outfit. And they give warmth. So that is why.

Beskrivelse: Let vævet kvalitet med print. Mål: 110 cm x 110 cm. 100% bomuld. Art. Nr: 36092.

Bonaparte scarf 200 (now 120) dkk here.

& Other Stories – black leather backpack

& Other Stories & Other Stories

& Other Stories – black leather backpack.

This backpack is so cool.

Description: Lined in cotton twill for durability and added structure, this clean yet sophisticated backpack is cast in smooth Italian leather. The drawstring closure adds a free-spirited vibe while the double shoulder straps and top handle provide versatility and comfort. Interior zip pocket and mobile pocket. 36 x 42 cm. 100% calf leather. Product ID: 555070201501.

& Other Stories bag 750 dkk here.

Pandora – silver ring

PandoraPandora – silver ring.

I have this Pandora silver ring in 3 sizes. So they fit my three middle fingers. I usually wear two at a time. Mostly ring finger and middle finder. I am not so used to wearing rings on my index finger. So it often itches. I prefer silver. All my jewellery is silver. It is affordable and then it all goes together. I like the simple design of this ring. It is not a statement ring. It has a supporting role.

Pandora ring 299 dkk here.

Minimum – cap-looking hat with strap


Minimum – cap-looking hat with strap.

I like this hat. And I have had hats before. But I never really used them. They make me feel too dressed up. But this hat is small and cap-looking. So maybe I should give it a chance.

Description: Giorgia hat accessories 360. Giorgia is a minimum cap-looking hat with a strap at the front. Quality: 80 pct polyester, 20pct wool. style number: 10816360.

Minimum hat 300 dkk here.



Lindberg eyewear – my new glasses

LindbergLindbergLindberg eyewear – my new glasses.

Yesterday I got my new glasses. They are from Lindberg. I have been waiting for them almost 4 weeks. I was so excited. And I was not disappointed. On the contrary. I like them a lot. Which was a relief. Because they were sooo expensive. I never had glasses that cost so much before. Also because I like to get new glasses often. Or at least every second year. The Lindberg glasses are so comfortable and light as a feather. Mine are similar to the ones in the model photo. But without the black line. Mine are all dark grey. I think that the grey colour goes very well with my natural colouring. So they like ‘melt’ into the face. And the dark grey also goes well with all the black that is usually in my outfit.

About: Lindberg are a Danish eyewear manufacturer specialising in lightweight titanium frames. With many frames designs, as well as custom fitting, multiple colour options, and multiple lens shapes, Lindberg’s innovation eyewear system makes it possible to put together unique personal frames to suit the wearer in terms of every design aspect. Over the years Lindberg have been able to create minimalist, light as a feather eyewear with individual style. They have replicated this philosophy, producing one of the lightest acetate frames on the market. And without comprising that elegant style, maximum comfort and functional design. With over 46 different eyeglasses in the Lindberg collection, each one unique and trendy and of course hard-wearing, there are several that have award winning next to their titles. More than half of the Lindberg frames weigh only 1.9 grams. This is good news for those who feel the weight of their glasses on their face. Lindberg represent a beautiful example of Danish, minimalist design tradition, a brilliant example of eyewear design at it’s best.

Om: Lindberg har en særlig filosofi: letvægtkvalitet, flesibilitet og tilpasning. Virksomheden blev grundlagt som familievirksomhed i 1986, hvor optiker Poul-Jørn Lindberg fik inspiration til den første Lindbergbrille, Air Titanium, som blev designet sammen med arkitekten Hans Dissing. Det blev markedets første allergivenlige titaniumstel med skrueløse hængsler. Noget der i den grad blev en milepæl i Lindbergs historie. Senere overtog sønnen, arkitekt Henrik Lindberg, og han er i dag leder af Lindberg, der er et af branchens største navne. Værdierne hos Lindberg er ikke til at tage fejl af: Her går man ikke på kompromis med materialerne. Der findes ikke en eneste skrue i en Lindberg-brille – og designet tilpasses din ansigtsform. Her finder du klassiske faconer, smukke farver, moderne udtryk og enkle detaljer.

Lindberg eyewear here.