H&M – perfect black fleece tights

H&M H&MH&M – perfect black fleece tights.

I will tell you a secret. How I can wear dresses year round. And keep warm even in the winther. The secret is the tights. Different kinds of black opaque tights. In the autumn I wear Oroblu Chantal 120. But when it is really cold I wear fleece tights. And this year H&M has made some that are absolutely fabulous. They have the right black colour. The right matt surface. And on the leg they look like normal opaque tights. They are absolutely perfect. And so comfortable and warm. Not too tight. I hate tight tights. So I always buy them 1 or 2 sizes bigger. When I find something perfect I stock up on it. So under my bed I have a box full of these perfect black H&M fleece tights.

Beskrivelse: Tætte strømpebukser med blød fleece på inderside. Elastik i taljen. 3% elastan, 97% polyamid. Varenr. 46-4554. 

H&M fleece tights 80 dkk here.

Magasin black wool pullover

Magasin MagasinMagasin black wool pullover.

I bought this black Magasin pullover to accompany my printed COS shirt dress. And to help keeping me warm in the winter time. I usually let cardigans do that job. But it is always good to try something new. And I think this combination works just fine. The neck of the pullover is just perfect to the shirt collar. The pullover has raglan sleeves. Which is a favourite of mine. I bought the pullover a size bigger to obtain a more loose fit. The Magasin pullover is very light and comfortable to wear.

Beskrivelse: Enkel og klassisk pullover med rund hals og bred ribkant. 100% lammeuld. Ynna 2 pullover. ID: VA03487640-00065184_061.

Magasin pullover 349 dkk here.

H&M – black shawl collar cardigan

H&MH&MH&M – black shawl collar cardigan.

I bought this H&M cardigan earlier this year. And recently I have used it a lot. Because it has gotten colder. And it is perfect. It has the perfect length. It has a perfect weight. It is very light. It has got some good details – the pockets, the shawl collar, the structure. But the details are not too dominating. I would like the attention to be drawn to the dress I am wearing underneath. And not to the cardigan itself. It is not too warm, so it is perfect if cashmere or wool is too warm. It is soft and the draping is perfect. I missed it a lot when it was in the laundry basket. So, since it is not very expensive, I stocked up on it. If I have been looking for a basic item for a long time and then finally find it, I stock up on it.

Beskrivelse: Vrangstrikket cardigan i blød kvalitet. Har sjalskrave og omrullede kanter samt lommer foran. Har ingen lukning. 25% viskose, 40% bomuld, 30% polyamid, 5% uld. Varenr. 58-6477.

H&M cardigan 249 dkk here.

Oroblu Chantal 120 – the perfect black tights

OrobluOroblu Chantal 120 – the perfect black tights.

Let me tell you. I have found the perfect black opaque tights. So you do not have to look any more. Oroblu Chantal 120 are perfect. They have a soft comfortable top. Tights should not be too tight, I think. That is why I always buy them 1 or 2 sizes bigger. Often I then have the problem that they are too big around my ankles. But not these from Oroblu. They are sooo flexible. And they are warm. Warmer than all the ones I tried before. And they are many. It must be due to the Progress 3Dimension technology.

Last but not least. They have the right black colour. Black and not black black. With black black tights I had a problem when pairing them with black suede shoes. Black suede shoes are often dull black. Which perfectly matches the colour of these tights. So when I wear black suede shoes it is almost impossible to see where the shoes start and end. And where the tights start and end. Which have an elongating effect on my legs. The legs simply look longer. And especially when wearing a dress which is a jewel in itself I like the effect that tights and shoes blur. So that they do not disturb the dress. Other times I like to play with leather or patent leather shoes as accessories. And in that case it is absolutely not the intention that tights and shoes should blur. On the contrary.

I have spent so much money on tights that did not work. And now that I have found these perfect tights from Oroblu I have totally stocked up on them. The first pair I bought in a Copenhagen department store. But then I found them online at half the price. Directly from the producer. And free shipping to all European countries.

Description: Opaque tights, in soft multifibre and elastane made using Progress 3Dimension technology. Particularly smooth, even knit. Anatomical top, very soft and adjustable. Flat seams, cotton gusset. Composition: 93% nylon, 7% elastane.

This post is NOT sponsored. I really mean it. These Oroblu tights are simply just perfect. You should give them a try. And please let me know what you think.

Oroblu tights EUR 12.95 here. (20 per cent discount with code BF20 until 30 November 2014)

Mango – long black cardigan

Mango MangoMango – long black cardigan.

My ‘dress code’ is very simple. A fabulous dress and my basic jewellery. And shoes or boots. Black of course. When it gets colder I add black tights. And to further keep warm I add a cardigan. Black of course. This basic cardigan from Mango I bought in two sizes. Some dresses demand a more roomy cardigan. An extra plus is. This cardigan I can also use as an outer garment in the spring.

Description: Open long cardigan. Dropped shoulder seams, long sleeves and ribbed edges. Composition: 77% viscose,23% polyamide.

Mango cardigan 249 dkk here.

Triumph triumph – Arty Sensation

TriumphTriumphTriumphTriumphTriumph triumph – Arty Sensation.

These photos are from Triumph’s Arty Sensation campaign. Triumph has asked real women to model. And the talented Danish photographer Marc Hom has photographed. Have a look at all the beautiful photos here.

The Danish photographer Marc Hom is one of the world’s most famous fashion photographers. Marc was born and raised in Denmark. But at the age of 21 years he moved to New York, where he still lives. Marc Hom has been working as a professional photographer the last 25 years. 

By the way, my all time favourite basic underwear is the ‘Just Soft‘ series from Triumph. Invisible, comfortable and smooth. Just Soft is just perfect.

H&M – perfect black jersey top

H&M H&MH&M – perfect black jersey top.

I would like to recommend this perfect black jersey top from H&M. It has got such a nice and delicate finish. It is long which I like now that it has gotten colder. It has adjustable shoulder straps. And it is only 50 dkk per top. Incredible. I love it and I have really stock up on it!

Beskrivelse: Lang, figurnær top i blød stretchjersey. Toppen har smalle, justerbare skulderstropper. 95% bomuld, 5% elastan. Varenr. 56-4908.

H&M black jersey top 50 dkk here.

Selected Femme – long mohair cardigan

Selected FemmeSelected Femme – long mohair cardigan.

There are so many long cardigans this AW season. I am in heaven. I love cardigans. I do not feel comfortable in a blazer or leather jacket. Give me a soft knitted cardigan as an extra layer to keep warm. This cardigan is also available in a beautiful dark orange colour called ‘glazed ginger’.

Beskrivelse:  Regular-fit. Mohairuld-blanding. Åben front. To forlommer. Ribkanter. Style: 16039727. 38% uld, 28% mohair, 15% nylon, 15% polyester, 4% elastan.

Selected Femme cardigan 599 dkk here.

H&M – black v-neck cardigan

H&M H&MH&M – black v-neck cardigan.

I love cardigans. Because I hate to be cold. Cardigans are soft and comfy to wear.

Beskrivelse: Vid cardigan i fintstrikket uldblanding. Knaplukning foran og sidelommer. 20% polyamid, 50% uld, 30% akryl.

H&M cardigan (58-2523) 249 dkk here.

H&M cardigan with crew neck

H&M cardiganH&M cardiganH&M cardigan with crew neck

This is a wonderful cardigan. A staple for summer. Now it is mine 🙂

99 dkk here.

En finstrikket cardigan med rund hals og lange ærmer. Cardiganen har knaplukning foran. 100% bomuld.