Arket – woven cashmere scarf

Arket - woven cashmere scarfArket – woven cashmere scarf.

When I tried cashmere, I never looked back. So soft. So light. So comfortable. Use the scarf around your neck or around your shoulders.

790 dkk here.

This oversized scarf, measuring 190 x 60 centimetres, is tightly woven from a silky soft, premium-quality cashmere wool, with fringes at both edges. The exceptionally fine down from the cashmere goat, found in the mountainous regions around the Himalayas and Central Asia, have been used for shawls and other beautiful textiles for over 3,000 years. Also known by its Persian name pashmina, cashmere has a unique softness and warmth due to the extreme fineness of the fibres. Cashmere 100%.

Udgivet i 04. Basic, 08. Wish list og tagget .

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