Ahlem – Rue de Charonne glasses

Ahlem - Rue de Charonne glasses Ahlem - Rue de Charonne glassesAhlem – Rue de Charonne glasses.

425 usd (2668 dkk) here.

Perfectly gender fluid. It’s absolutely comfortable, its touch is reassuring, and its durability obvious. That’s right, nothing like before. Don’t be fooled by this bout of déjà vu, but rather try it on! Colour: Dustlight.
Case: Includes AHLEM vegan leather hard pouch to protect your glasses. Soft pouch for cleaning and preventing dust and scratches on-the-go. A large silk touch lens cloth, 220g microfiber fabric, 11.8″X11.8″ (30x30cm), because it’s nice to have some extra fabric to deep clean your frames.

Danish distributor: Poul Stig Briller

Udgivet i 05. Accessories, 07. My wardrobe og tagget , , .

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